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Why buy wood from responsibly managed forests?

We all need to be doing our best to help the environmental damage that has already been done to the planet, and try to do our best to help reduce any further damage, so that we and future generations can enjoy it for as long as possible. Here at Logpile we take pride in only selling wood from responsibly managed woodlands that is felled as an essential part of maintaining healthy and diverse forests. One new tree is planted for every one felled, making our logs a carbon neutral renewable energy source.  

Not only does sourcing from responsibly managed woodlands help the planet, but it also helps the needs of wildlife. Wildlife can benefit from the temporary gaps in the area that have been opened up from felling. Sustainable forests support livelihoods and provide many other ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and reducing the risk of flooding. 

Other benefits of woodland management include; 

  • Support of health and well-being¬†
  • Improved air quality¬†
  • Offer of shade to crops and livestock¬†
  • Prevention of nutrient loss and soil erosion
  • Improved water quality¬†