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Which type of kiln dried hardwood logs should I use?

We don't sell a 'one log fits all' product. We choose the best species and size of logs to suit what you are using the logs for. 

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are perfect for all stoves, fireplaces and wood burners. You can choose the split of the logs to suit the size of your appliance, small/medium split or medium/large split. This means you know you will be getting the right size logs, no need to split them further yourself! We use a mix of ash and birch, this tends to work really well for indoor fires. The birch catches quickly, making it easy to light, and the ash is more dense so offers a longer, slower burn. The two species complement each other perfectly!

If you have a preference between species, we sell ash logs and birch logs separately. If you are not sure which you prefer to use, why not try a box of each and see how you get on? Lots of our customers like a mix, some prefer birch as it is so easy to light, some prefer ash as it offers a longer burn so can be more efficient price wise. 

For our fire pit and chiminea products are always 100% birch - birch is a less dense hardwood than ash and offers a fast, hot, bright burn. It also smokes less than other species when burning, due to its density and bark which acts as a fire lighter. We hand-pack small/medium size logs, as these will catch fire faster and easy than larger logs, larger logs can end up smouldering and smoking in fire pits and chimineas due to the airflow. 

We have pizza oven logs to suit all types of pizza ovens. Our Oak Little Logs are perfect for mini pizza ovens, such as Ooni Karu and Gozney Roccbox. We have Super Thin pizza oven logs for medium size pizza ovens, they are very quick and easy to light and offer a fast, hot burn. For all larger pizza ovens, our big pizza oven logs are great. We use a mix of mainly birch and some ash, and handpack all thinner, small size logs. They catch easily and burn very fast and hot, ideal for cooking a tasty pizza in minutes!