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How to burn your logs effectively

Many times we have been asked what the best method is when it comes to starting a fire, and how to burn the logs effectively, there's never a straightforward answer to this question, what might work for you may not work for everyone else. All we can do is advise you and point you in the right direction. 

One of the main things when starting an efficient fire is to use kiln-dried logs, this will ensure that you get a better burn from your logs. Wet logs contain a high moisture content which causes the logs to produce a lot of smoke, and not enough fire, thus not releasing as much heat that you would get with kiln-dried logs. It is recommended that, if you store your logs outside to bring them up to room temperature before placing them on your fire, especially on colder or more humid days. 

It is now suggested that the up down method of lighting a fire is the best way to get a fire going, start by placing two small logs across the bottom of the fireplace/ wood burner, then place the kindling on top, and a few at a 90- degree angle across the bottom layer and a couple of fire lighters in between the gaps. Wait until you are left with glowing embers, and pull them to the front of the fireplace/ wood burner. Make sure you regulate the airflow to get the new logs burning.