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Which logs should I be using in my pizza oven?

With pizza ovens becoming very popular at the moment and summer fast approaching it is important to know which size logs will be the best for your pizza oven, deciding what size logs to use for your pizza oven can be difficult but here at Logpile we offer four different sizes of logs, each perfect for different size ovens!

Mini Pizza Ovens....  Our Oak little logs are the perfect size for mini pizza ovens, they offer quick hot burn due to them being kiln-dried to under 15% moisture, ideal for cooking tasty pizzas. Each log is 15cm in length and 2-4cm width which makes them great for the Ooni Karu, Fuego, Gozney Roccbox & Dome, Deli Vita, Dellonda Portable Wood-fired Pizza Oven & Smoker models. They are all British sourced and 100% chemical free wood.

Small Pizza Ovens.... Our small pizza oven logs are made from kiln dried ash for easy and quick fire starting. They are shorter than standard logs, 20cm in length, so perfect for these smaller pizza ovens (but not too short that they burn too fast!). They are on average 3-5cm width so offer the perfect burn length for pizza making.

Medium Pizza Ovens.... For medium sized pizza ovens like the Fuego 65, Morso Forno, Igneus Classico, Igneus Pro 70 & 600, Clementi Family Wood Fired Pizza Oven, we offer our super thin logs, these are a mix of kiln-dried Ash and Birch, making them great for an easy fire and delicious tasting pizzas. They are 20cm long and much thinner than standard logs with a width of 3-5cm to help heat up the oven faster.

Large Pizza Ovens.... We also offer pizza oven kiln-dried hardwood logs for larger pizza ovens, each log is 25cm long and is split into a smaller thinner width for faster and hotter burning. These logs are compatible with the Fuego 80 Outdoor Clay, Fuego 90 Large Pro Wood Fired, Morso Forno Outdoor Oven, Mila 60 Clementi Family and Gozney Pro. We use a mixture of ash and birch for optimal pizza making!