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The best way to cook a pizza in a wood-fired oven!

There is nothing quite like a homemade pizza cooked in your very own pizza oven, it is definitely one way to show off your cooking skills and it is unbelievably simple and quick. Once your oven is at the perfect temperature, which is around 400-450°C, your pizzas will only take about 1-2 minutes to cook, obviously depending on the thickness of your pizza base. 

The floor of the oven will do most of the cooking so it is very important to light your oven around an hour before you start to actually cook your pizza, these times may vary depending on the size of your oven.

When it comes to lighting your pizza oven, you will need to start off with some kiln-dried kindling in the centre of your pizza oven, either using the top down method or a pyramid shape, to create a good base to get your fire going, also using our natural firelighter are perfect for helping to get  your fire going quicker and because they are natural they will not give off any harmful chemicals, you can read more about our kindling and firelighters here.  Once you have a good fire going it is time to add your logs, start with a couple and wait for them to catch, the pizza dome should start to turn black, due to the smoke being produced by your fire. Now continue to add more logs to build your fire up, the temperature should start to increase rapidly, turning the inside of the oven from black to white. Make sure that the entire floor of the oven is covered by the fire. The door of the oven and chimney smoke control vent should be open during the whole of the fire lighting process. 

Once your oven is to the desired temperature it is time to close the ovens smoke control vent, this will keep the heat in. The fire should have died down a bit now and you will be left with embers, you can now push them to the back of the oven to allow space for your pizza to go in. Your oven is now ready to cook some delicious pizza and will be at the perfect temperature for at least a couple of hours.