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How to store your logs

It is essential to store your logs correctly so that you get the most from your logs, there are many conditions that you need to take into account, so that your logs will have the best burn when starting a fire. 

Log stores are the number one go to when it comes to storing your logs, this is if you have the room in your garden and the correct conditions for the logs store to sit, you will need to ensure that you log store is in direct sunlight, so that the logs inside don’t become too damp. You also need to allow a good airflow to get to logs, so that they keep their ‘Ready to Burn’ properties. 

When it gets into the colder months you must make sure that your logs are prepared for all weather conditions, as we all know England sees A LOT of rain, so it is important to keep your logs covered with something waterproof to stop them becoming wet, we would recommend a waterproof firewood cover or tarpaulin. You can remove the cover once the weather becomes dry again, to allow the logs to breathe, and avoid them sweating, this also stops any condensation. 

If you do not have any space for a log store, our logs all come in cardboard boxes, instead of the typical sacks, for convenient storage the boxes can easily stack on top of each other, and they also don’t create mess.